Deen Network CIC

Our Story

I had the idea for Deen Network (DN) whilst I was living in Karachi, Pakistan for a brief period of my life, and which became a reality after I returned to the UK at the end of 2003. I am a practical person and my motto in life has always been, “don’t just contemplate on things you would like to do, but get up and do them, as only by doing can you make a difference!”


I wave away the notion that people cannot make a difference to others lives, as I believe they can. It is the personal struggles that individuals have to go through to make that difference that deters them from taking part, not the end result, as the end result is always an achievable goal, but the road to it is not always an easy one!

I apply the slogan of ‘great ideas in action’ because I feel action has to take place for an idea to be classed as great! We can all dream for change to happen, but it takes a select few to be the ones to realise the dreams everyone wants. There are many skilled individuals in the community, who have expertise and experience in various fields of work and DN exists on the basis of these individuals donating their time and skills by networking with DN and making things happen.


The desire for change is a core characteristic of DN volunteers, as they are the ones who want to make a difference, and they are the ones who come forward to make, ‘Great Ideas in Action’ come true. My role is to support them, and facilitate the projects and events they are involved in.

DN was an idea that came to me, but could not have happened without the support and commitment from everyone around me. I had set myself the goal that DN would not be funded by any external organisation, nor would I take part in large appeals. My aim was to encourage and regenerate support from the community where it was needed, in order for communities to be self-sufficient.


In setting out with this venture, I have made three rules for myself:


  1. To ensure the true meaning of the word charity, is realised and revitalised for what it should be: giving, not receiving.

  2. To make certain that DN runs solely on volunteer support and donations of items in kind and sponsorship and that 100% of money collected at any fundraising event goes to the cause.

  3. To establish projects to empower individuals that are timely and take individual needs into consideration


Sitting in my rented apartment in Karachi, I aimed to embark on a journey in which I had hoped others would follow me, and today that dream has come to light through the projects and events executed with the support of the DN volunteers.


I hope this work continues long into the future and that you will participate actively in our projects and generously support our fundraising causes.


Samina Noor Deen 


Founder, Deen Network