Deen Network CIC


Deen Network does not receive any funds from any funding body or organisation. Day to day running costs are primarily met by our Directors. Event and Project costs are funded by local businesses and individuals within the community through volunteer time, donations in kind and sponsorship. By working to this practice, we do not require regular funds for the general running of Deen Network.

The positive outcome of running Deen Network in this manner, is that we can ensure that money raised at any fundraising event goes 100% to the cause being supported. All community projects are funded by donations in kind and with the support of volunteer’s time and efforts. We do not at any point, aim to accumulate a mass surplus of money in our bank account, and money is always distributed as soon as it is collected to the cause being supported at the given time.

It is our policy not to give cash donations directly to any individual or community, we have chosen to donate the required items/equipment to meet the identified need as an alternative method of donation in kind. As an example, if we were to raise money for tables and chairs for a village school, we would buy the equipment and donate that, rather than give a cash donation.

A breakdown of donations of money and items in kind received for each DN event/project can be requested by emailing us.